Data Collection Tool for Rodliffe Accounting

by Steve and Mahin from Rodliffe Accounting

We approached Data4Decisions as we needed a more intuitive data capture tool for our annual self assessment tax returns.


We complete around 400 self assessment tax returns each year for our clients each year. This number is growing significantly by around 20% per annum. The data capture method we used to use was generally by email or spreadsheet. This led to too many email exchanges and also resulted in poor communication. This meant there was always a risk that the wrong data would appear on a tax return meaning we would then have to recalculated the return after the mistake was found. All this led to a huge commitment in time and resource.

Web based data collection tool

We met with Data4Decisions and they helped us analyse the current problems. They documented our workflows and recommended an on line solution that we could administer ourselves. Data4Decisions wrote the system within a couple of months which we then tested and put into our live environment. A very quick turnaround!!


The new system has made our procedures much slicker. We can rely on the data being correct first time which helps eliminate errors and has saved us a lot of time. The information we get is all in the same format which helps with consistency and the help text on the web pages means that clients have access to FAQs and tips so they are guided through the screens.

Data4Decisions have really helped us add value to this service. We have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Mahin and Steve

Data4Decisions likes to thank Mahin and Steve for writing this project summary and we enjoyed working with you guys on this!